As Research and Development Tax Credit Consultants, we’ll help you claim the relief you’re entitled to

There has been a steady increase in R&D tax relief claims since its introduction, but there is still a chronic lack of awareness amongst the UK’s SME base.

The result is that hundreds of millions of pounds of R&D tax credits are going unclaimed which could make a significant impact to the ability of an SME to fund new product development.

The nature of R&D and Patent Box expenses can entitle you to tax relief. However, this is a complex issue, and one best left to professionals like O&K and one of our Partner Organisations-Abbey Tax. View us as your Research and Development Tax Credit Consultants .

Furthermore we can help you understand how to apply those regulations which offer R&D tax relief, and how to make sure more of your expenditure qualifies.

We can help with issues like:

  • Increasing the relief you qualify for
  • Claiming relief properly
  • GAAP approved expenditures
  • Capital Allowances
  • Patent Box Scheme applications
  • Other tax, governance and compliance issues

Introducing Our Research and Development Tax Credits Experts

Alison Lynch and Natalia Shaw are assisting our team and they offer independent Research and Development Tax advice. They assist us with a wide range of specialist tax issues for our clients. As a result, in conjunction with our team, they will assist you through the R&D tax credit maze. Over the years Alison and Natalia have claimed back tens of millions in tax credits for their clients. More details about these specialists can be found on Our Team Page Here

If you would like assistance maximising your company’s R&D tax relief, call us on 020 8686 7756 or Click Here now.

 ‘We will help you through the R&D Tax credits maze’