Management Buyouts – They can become very complicated, so we’ll make it simple.

Management Buyouts can create immense wealth for the management teams who successfully enact them. O&K understand the complex financial and regulatory framework under which these buyouts occur. We can help make your buyout happen quickly, efficiently, and above all profitably.

We can help with:

  • SME management buyouts
  • Spinoffs and divisional buyouts
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Employee buyouts

The funding options

With regards to this last point, management teams can be under the illusion that a buyout is not possible because collectively the team members do not have sufficient funds to meet the consideration. This is quite a common misconception.

It is true to say that members of the buyout team are required to invest a sum of personal money into any new company in return for an equity interest, or stake, in the business. However the vast majority of the amount required is usually provided by third party financial institutions such as banks, venture capitalists and even the vendors themselves by way of deferred consideration. We can provide extensive advice in this area, and well as helping you with access to suitable funding.

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