Tax Investigation Help – We will help remove your HMRC headaches

When it comes to tax investigation help, we can deal with HMRC directly, letting you get on with your running your business and your life.

When you rely on O&K to sort out your taxes, we talk to HMRC instead of you. This turns what could otherwise be an anxious and difficult situation into business as usual, handled by us as your professional tax experts.

O&K can help make any tax investigation painless by:

  • Attempting to resolve the process early
  • Preparing any disclosurre reports you may need to file
  • Advising on the new tax tribunal system
  • Negotiating down any penalties you must pay
  • Working to achieve a mutual settlement

We have extensive experience in dealing with tax enquiries, disputes and conflicts with HMRC.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our Managing Partner Farook Owadally has a wealth of experience when dealing with HMRC, as do our Client Managers.

We can also provide additional expertise from the specialist support lof our Partner Organisations.

On an even more positive note we often provide detailed tax planning reports to show where your future tax exposure may lie, advising on possible pesonal and business tax saving strategies that you may need.

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 ‘Removing the worry of a tax investigation’