Personal Tax Advice – We are experts at sorting out your taxes – not just your accounts

At O&K we make sure you have everything in place to be in complete compliance. Furtermore we’ll make sure you pay as little tax as legitimately possible.

Our personal tax advice will help you build a total tax plan. It will ensure that you never pay any more tax than is strictly necessary. O&K will also ensure you stay clearly on the right side of the law at all times.

Personal tax issues we will look at could include:

  • Maximising allowances and relief
  • Efficient business and trading structures
  • Asset ownership issues
  • Extracting value from your business efficiently
  • Business exit strategies
  • Inheritance and estate taxes
  • Pensions and benefits

We will provide you with the best personal tax advice from within our team. We can also provide expert advice from one of our respected Partner Organisations.

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 ‘Our personal tax advice is second to none’