Financial Planning – We’ve got great partners on our team.

O&K has decades of experience helping our clients plan for their immediate and long term futures. We want to make sure your finances are truly set up to do you the most good. Getting great advice now can help you make the most of your rewards later. Our partners, Mantle Financial Planning, are Chartered Financial Planners and offer some of the best financial planning in Surrey. We have worked with them for over a decade.They provide a wide range of services as follows:

Financial Planning Services

  • Help finding the right investments and portfolios for your needs
  • Management of your savings and investments
  • Mortgage and property advice
  • Pension and annuity advice
  • Help with life assurance and other protections
  • Inheritance and estate planning
  • Long-term care arrangements
  • Other issues unique to your situation

We like to ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice, that covers every financial planning angle. Our personal tax planning service will also ensure that you receive regular updates about possible tax planning opportunities. By combining these two distinct areas we will always try to ensure that you are able to make smart financial decisions.

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 ‘An impressive range of accounting services’ 

“O&K have turned out to be a wise and important appointment for Kato Enterprises Ltd. O&K was first introduced to us over 10 years ago through a business associate and at the time we hesitated because we had already an established relationship with a well-known accountancy firm for a few years. We know our finances are in good hands, this enables us to focus on the real business of the day and drive the growth we have been able to achieve to date. O&K are always open, frank, what’s more they are always contactable when you need urgent advice. We wholly recommend O&K and are confident you won’t regret it”.

Kayode Toyinbo – Managing Director – Kato Enterprises Ltd