IR35 Contract Review – Legislation has changed

Since April 2017, IR35 legislation changed to feature a new chapter 10. It has substantially altered the way personal service companies handle off-payroll payments.

In essence, many contractors are now treated as employees. The responsibility of their tax and NIC may be borne by the ‘employer’. It’s clear that you will require an IR35 contract review. This will ensure that you comply with the change in legislation.

This has the potential to cause a great deal of confusion and added expense for thousands of UK businesses. After all, no one needs a PAYE investigation! However, we can review your off-payroll activity. We will ensure total compliance for any new rules as they are announced.

O&K will always ensure that you pay no more tax than is legitimately necessary. There are various methods available to us within the tax law framework. We will look to maximise any opportunities within this to benefit you legally.

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