Do you need help starting a small business?

Starting a new business can be exciting, but it can also be a very daunting task without advice and assistance.

You may know everything you need to know about your industry, and how to run your new business. However how much do you really know about complying with the latest legal, financial and tax regulations?

O&K are business start-up experts, so you’ll be in safe hands with us if you wish to start a new enterprise.

Here are some areas we will help you with:
  • Create, cash-flow projections, trading forecasts, budgets and even complete business plans
  • Help you select the right legal structure, setting you up as a partnership, sole trader-ship or LLC (limited liability company)
  • Identify sources of financing and help you to prepare proposals
  • Make the right arrangements with your bank(s)
  • Comply with all registration requirements
  • Handle any company secretarial issues, and ensure that you are in complete compliance with all laws, regulations and standards

Furthermore, we will also help you formulate your personal goals with our Business Coaching service. We believe that it is important that your new business becomes the vehicle for providing you with the life that you want.

We will help you link you personal goals to the objectives of your business. This ensures that you achieve what you set out to with your fledgling enterprise.

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