Our Partner Organisations – We have some special relationships

We believe that one of the cornerstones of providing superb service to our clients, is being able to offer the best possible advice at all times. We are proud to say that we have special relationships with our Partner Organisations, enabling us, through them to provide first class financial advice in a wide range of areas.

Jo Rols Opus

Opus Business Services

We are pleased to say that one of the Partners at Opus – Jo Rolls, is an integral part of our specialist advice team.
Opus are a highly specialised business services practice that many of our clients turn to when faced with new or daunting business challenges.

Opus offers many unique services, including:

  • Formal insolvency, turnaround and restructuring
  • Debt financing, solvent restructuring and equity
  • Advice and consultation on business sales
  • Dispute resolution and forensic investigation
  • Creditor negotiation

Opus was founded to provide a new approach to providing business and professional services. It is a small, boutique organisation that focuses on hands-on service provided by a heavily partner-led team. We are pleased to have such a strong relationship with Opus, for it enables us to provide our clients with a first class service.

Sean O'Shea

Mantle Financial Planning

Since 2005 Mantle Financial Planning, have been working with O&K to provide comprehensive financial solutions for our individual and business clients. They are an amazing Chartered Financial Planning firm as they maintain a tight focus on achieving your financial objectives, specifically your pension, protection policy, investment portfolio and mortgage issues. Our primary contact at Mantles – Sean O’Shea, has been an IFA for over 20 years and is well placed to provide our clients with the best possible independent financial advice.

Mantle can help you:

  • Produce an actionable financial plan
  • Implement that plan effectively
  • Help you invest strategically
  • Keep your portfolio competitive and responsive to the changing financial environment

Mantle Financial Planning strives to stay on the cutting edge of world financial markets and the authorities that regulate them in order to keep your finances and portfolios performing at their peak.

Yes Tax R and D Tax Credits


(R&D and Capital Allowance Tax Specialist)

I qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser with PwC back in 1998. I went on to build a national R&D tax service at PKF before starting my own business, HowarthLynch, in 2009. By 2014, this was one of the largest bespoke tax practices in the UK. My ambition was to develop a larger specialist tax practice and be the largest independent tax firm in the UK. To realise this ambition, I sold my practice to a Fortune 500 company and successfully achieved my ambition.

I am now assisting O&K clients with the following:

  • To review your business activity to ensure no R&D, Patent Box or Capital allowances opportunity is missed
  • To ensure your claim is not only maximised but is robust to HMRC
  • I’ll make the process easy and has a very practical and pragmatic approach to claims

E-Mail me at: tax@oandk.co.uk

Yes Tax R and D Tax Credits


(R&D and Capital Allowance Tax Specialist)

I spent 6 years practising as a commercial property lawyer dealing with freehold and leasehold sales and acquisitions. During this time, I developed a keen interest in capital allowances, and when critical changes to the legislation were made in April 2014, I specialised solely in this area.

Since then I have worked exclusively with chartered tax advisers and accountants alike specialising in incentives and reliefs to ensure valuable tax savings opportunities are not missed. I am extremely well versed in both R&D and Capital Allowances legislation.

I am now helping O&K clients by:

  • Conducting free health checks to review your property portfolio and ensure no capital allowances opportunity is missed
  • Liaising at the time of the legal transaction to ensure SPA is correctly structured, CPSE are responded to and 198 elections are correctly drafted
  • Reviewing your business activity to identify qualifying R&D.

E-Mail me at: tax@oandk.co.uk

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