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Free Business Information

Free Business Information – Downloads

Owadally and King are proud to provide our clients and business friends with useful free business information on a regular basis. Download one of our free business information booklets today.

In order to download these you will need to submit a sign up email . Also to view them, you may need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac or PC.

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‘Incorporating Property Businesses – Fact Sheet’

“Incorporating property portfolios is suitable for people who own property portfolios either in their own name or in conjunction with other family members. It enables you to transfer the property portfolio to a limited company in a tax efficient manner.‘’

~ PDF (1MB)

‘What is a Family Investment Company (FIC) ?’ – Some Questions Answered

(FIC) structure is a tax efficient vehicle to make long term investments, allowing investment assets to grow in a lower tax environment. Our FREE booklet will answer some key questions for you.

~ PDF (344KB)

Research and Development Tax Credits – Fact Sheet

‘Alison Lynch and Natalia Pope of YesTax have joined our team to offer first class R&D Tax Credit advice. With our team we can provide the most effective tax advice, and we have a series of FREE downloads to help you navigate this tax maze.

~ PDF (344KB)

Capital Allowances on Buildings – Fact Sheet

‘Capital allowances enable commercial property owners to obtain tax relief related to capital expenditure. This makes a property with capital allowances more valuable than an identical property without capital allowances.

~ PDF (886KB)

Land Remediation Tax Relief – Fact Sheet

Land remediation relief (LRR) entitles a company to claim an additional 50% tax relief on qualifying remediation expenditure as a trading expense, in the same year as the expenditure war incurred. Here’s a useful Fact Sheet produced by our partner organnisation YESTAX .

~ PDF (344KB)

‘Online Accounting – Your Cloud Questions Answered’

We believe that modern accounting services for small business shouldn’t just be about crunching numbers. It should also be about offering support and practical advice.

In the case of cloud based accounting software, that means our Elevate service. We have a free leaflet here that will answer your questions.

~ PDF (344KB)

‘What HMRC Know About You’

Making Tax Digital will happen sooner that you think, whilst an HMRC tax investigation is a stressful experience.
Grab our free guide to learn more about what the tax authorities know about you.

~ PDF (749KB)

‘The Top 50 Mistakes That Businesses Make’

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in business for a while, making mistakes shouldn’t be part of the ‘business learning experience’.

~ PDF (886KB)

‘The Top 10 Tips to help you grow your business’

‘Some useful tips to help you development your business, whilst at the same time providing some surprising insights into what it takes to be successful’.

~ PDF (1MB)

‘GDPR – Some questions about the regulations’

‘There still an awful lot of scaremongering going on about the new General Data Protection Regulation
which came into affect on 25th May 2018.Our FREE booklet answers some key questions.

~ PDF (344KB)