Why Owadally and King? – It’s because we strive to be different, so that you can succeed

O&K was founded in 1997 and we are based in Croydon, to provide the utmost in reliable, prompt and accessible taxation and accounting services for local clients, and those operating in London and throughout the UK.

As the original partners handed the reins to the next generation in 1997, we shifted the firm’s focus to serve more of the unmet taxation advice and financial services needs we saw in our clients. We also made a great effort to ensure that we were accessible to our clients beyond traditional ‘office hours’, because modern business takes place 24 hours a day. Our accounting services have kept pace with changes times.

Our Client Managers give every client a great point of contact, and made sure that someone with an in-depth understanding of every client’s situation is readily available. Within our team, we offer a range of languages including French, Turkish and Chinese.

We have also entered into partnerships with highly regarded organisations to offer the kind of specialist services that our clients need. As an organisation, we can now provide financial and mortgage services, access to specialist international accounting experts, in-depth VAT expertise and counselling and mediation services of all kinds.

Our Philosophy

We believe that in order to help our clients achieve their goals, we need to provide more than just accounting services. We are also business consultants to our clients, and to connect them with a network of trusted Partner Organisations to provide the specialised financial services they need to thrive.

At the same time, we need to make sure that we never lose sight of the values which made O&K great – fast, personalised service, dedicated client account managers, and multiple points of contact. We have a commitment to helping our clients in ways that suit their unique business and personal needs.

Our wide range of personal and business services are divided into these main categories:

Personal Services – An extensive range of personal tax and advice services
Business Solutions – A wide range of accounting services, no matter what size of business
Specialist Help – For situations that are outside the norm, including specialist sectors

Essentially, it is our goal to increase your profitability and wealth. At a time when the financial side of almost every business is growing ever more complex, we offer taxation, finance and accounting advice that helps you make the best decisions for your personal and your organisation.

Our Services

One of the qualities that truly sets O&K apart is our commitment to our clients. We try to get to know you, your business and the challenges you face in order to provide exactly the level and type of support you need to make the most from your opportunities. We believe every business has the potential for great success, if only they can get the help and advice that they need.

We also know how important it is for you to have easy access to your accounts, to your data and to reliable, professional device at all times.

As part of our commitment to providing this level of service, we make sure that every client has three separate points of contact with O&K. Not only does each have a dedicated, designated client manager as their primary contact, each client also has access to one particular partner who looks after their interests, and a senior member of staff who serves as a secondary contact if their client manager is unavailable for any reason.

There should never be a time when one or more of these 3 points of contact are not available to deal with any matters that may come up quickly, efficiently and personally.

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‘An Excellent Service’

“Having been a client of Owadally and King for nearly 20 years, I can say without reservation that the service Farook and his team provide has been excellent. They have provided a wide range of services so critical for running a business effectively.”

Dr Glenn Wallis – The Leadership Coach