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*** Calling all Architects and Engineers ***

We’ve just saved £33,000 in Corporation Tax by identifying £100k spend incurred by a structural engineer.

This industry is continually faced with problem solving, perhaps more so than ever before with the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally sound solutions.

Every project is unique and poses design challenges, which is why architects and structural engineers typically spend the majority of their time on the conceptual/ schematic design phase.

What may seem to be typical day-to-day design challenges during these phases, will often qualify for R&D tax relief. Most claims for R&D tax relief are for companies operating in the ordinary course of their business.

It is an unmissable opportunity to claim either a reduction in CT, or for loss making companies, a payable tax credit.

This particular company has been a trailblazer in historic building conservation and refurbishment through many years of experience, leading it to work on highly complicated and prestigious projects such as Grade 1 listed buildings.

Examples of qualifying development include the use of multiple different building methods& techniques including the use of steel frames, reinforced concrete frames, load bearing masonry and the use of timber.

Let us assess your R&D tax relief opportunity – you may well secure some valuable cash savings for your business.

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