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Did you that the most under-claimed of Business Tax Credits is for Research and Development? This is because lots of SME’s don’t realise that they qualify for R&D Tax Credits.

The good news is that we can offer Research and Development Tax Credits expertise. We work very closely with Abbey Tax, who offer award winning independent specialist tax and funding services.

They assist us with a wide range of specialist tax issues for our clients. As a result, in conjunction with our team, they will assist you through the R&D tax credit maze

Here’s a great case study which highlights the work that Abbey Tax carry out

Case Study

Company Intro
Integrated solutions for hotel and restaurants
ensuring that all types of catering establishments operate at
maximum efficiency.

Company turnover

Cloud Deployment

Technological advance
The development of moving to a cloud
based environment, which would support multi devices, increase
functionality, enhance security and open the Hotel Perfect platform
to a larger market.

Technological uncertainties included
The deployment of the product to a cloud-based environment, which is fast paced, will result in additional risks both with functionality and security.

The existing solution developed was not compatible with the newhosted
environments, requiring redevelopment of the entire system.

However this would not merely be a case of rewriting the existing
solution, it would require re-development and re-engineering of the
algorithmic architecture to ensure the software solution could be
successfully deployed in a hosted environment.

Although the company commenced the re-development using
Microsoft Windows Server 2008, this was soon upgraded to Windows
Server 2012 which at the time of release was still very much in its

This less established server resulted in unidentified additional
technological challenges, requiring development of ‘patches’ to
resolve these voids between the new and old servers.


Value of the claim

The full article can be viewed HERE

Over the years we have entered into partnerships with highly regarded organisations to offer the kind of specialist services that our clients need.

As an organisation, we can now provide financial and mortgage services, access to specialist international accounting experts, in-depth VAT expertise and counselling and mediation services of all kinds.

So if you would like assistance maximising your company’s R&D tax relief, need to help with reviewing your tax and accounting requirements, or just want help and advice regarding numerous Business Tax Credits yould be missing out on, then get in touch.

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