We’ll work hard to reduce your tax bill

At O&K we love offering sound personal and business tax advice. We always strive to provide timely, accurate and personally tailored assistance at all times. We will also strive to reduce your tax bill.

It is because we have this approach that we are able to legitimately reduce your personal and corporate tax bills.

This September e-newsletter focuses on six areas that may save you money by reducing your tax liabilities, whilst at the same time helping you stay in control.

R&D Tax Credits
Be very surprised, you may have a claim ! It’s the most under-claimed company tax incentive.

Also it’s not just for scientists and ‘blue sky’ thinking.

It also applies to a wide range of businesses.

Furthermore if you have spent time making a product or service faster, smaller or cheaper, then you really should get in touch today.

Here’s a Very Generous Scheme – The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

SEIS has been designed to help early stage companies raise equity finance.

There is tax relief for individual investors of up to 50% of their investment in one tax year.

There are many other benefits, so contact us today and we’ll give you the best possible advice about the SEIS scheme.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme – For smaller ‘higher-risk’ trading companies to raise finance.

This scheme has numerous tax reliefs for investors including:

– Up to 30% Income Tax Relief
– Capital Gains Tax – Exemption
– Loss Relief
– CGT Deferral Relief
– Carry Back Facility

You may have lots of questions about EIS, and we have the answers.